Tepper Takayama Fine Arts

Brazilian, b.1954
There's a Smell of Burnt Tire in the Air, 2004-2006
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
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"Tem um cheiro de pneu queimado no ar" (There's a Smell of Burnt Tire in the Air)

This is a 360 degree mixed media installation, principally comprised of tires containing photographic color transparencies of simulated fire, the color of violence, on one surface and documentary black and white photographic transparencies of human body parts of victims executed by forces of Rio de Janeiro's drug trade, on another surface. Occasionally the documentary images include reconisable body framents and onlookers. The tires containing images are placed on pieces of carbon set on plastic, simulating the actual ground which serves as a pyre and where victims remains are left in a de facto, semi-clandestine crematorium/cemetery.

Wires link the tires and illuminate the transparent images on both surfaces of the installation, showing the reality and the fiction of this extreme violence. The viewer has the sensation of being in the midst of the work and of the horror.

Espaco UFF de Fotografia - 15 Anos, 1990-2005
Visoes paralelas - Da inquietaco do moderno a fotografia contemporanea
June 16 to August 21, 2005
Fluminense Federal University (Universidade Federal Fluminense, UFF)
Rua Miguel de Frias, 9, 7 andar, Icarai, Niteroi, RJ

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